I am an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Connecticut. I got my PhD from the Committee on Social Thought and the Department of Philosophy at the University of Chicago in 2020. In 2019-20 I was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Ethics.

My work in the history of philosophy focuses on the Greek and Roman as well as Islamo-Arabic traditions. Thematically, I am particularly interested in the concept of “nature” and its mutations. Outside of the history of philosophy, I also write about social and political philosophy, including questions of racial justice and inequality as well as feminism.

Published articles
Ibn Sina, Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics Λ 6-10,” (translation, introduction, and notes), British Journal for the History of Philosophy, 2024.

Aristotle on Comparison,” Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, 2022.
“Introduction” and “Foreground and Background” in Racial Inequality During a Pandemic, C4E @ UofT Ethics in Context2020.
Aristotle on Multiple Demonstration,“ British Journal for the History of Philosophy, 2019.
“Four Types of Racism,” in The Empire of Disgust: Prejudice, Discrimination and Policy in India and the US, Oxford University Press, 2018. 

In progress
A book on the history of “nature” as an ethical concept
Articles on Aristotle’s account of eros; Aristotle’s attitudes toward non-Greek intellectual history; Feminism in the early 2000s; Ibn Sina on love; recent controversies surrounding “ideal” and “non-ideal” theory in political philosophy

Videos of talks

Black health matters: Racism and protest in a pandemic,” (conversation with Yolonda Wilson), June 2020.
Racial inequality during a pandemic,” (roundtable with Korey Garibaldi and Yolonda Wilson), May 2020.
Philosophers as pundits,” (with Gal Katz), April 2020.
Aristotle and the ethics of nature,” October 2019.